The Blessed Trinity

Healthy Devotions with the Blessed Trinity

The ultimate and most powerful devotion for Catholics is the Blessed Trinity. According to Sacred Scripture, the purpose of our lives is to know, love and serve God. There's only one way to develop an authentic relationship with the Blessed Trinity, and that's directly. One way to begin this process is to set up four chairs around a small table in your home. Then during your prayer time, picture what it would be like if the Lord Jesus were sitting across the table from you. How would you talk with him? If Jesus were truly present, would you recite rote prayers over and over again? Or would you speak to him directly from your heart as a close friend?

To develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, try spending half an hour per day asking the Lord questions about your life, and then sit in silence listening and discerning his answers. After you develop a closer relationship with Jesus, picture what it would be like if your Heavenly Father along with the Holy Spirit were also seated at the same table with you. How would you commune with your Abba Father? After spending the necessary time getting to know your Heavenly Father, open your heart in love and invite the Holy Spirit to transform your life.

The Blessed Trinity has incredible plans for your life. Why not take a moment right now and invite the Holy Spirit into your life and heart? Start by finding a quiet place in your home and come humbly before the Lord your God. If you have been living a life devoid of God’s intimate fellowship, ask your heavenly Father’s forgiveness. Speak to the Blessed Trinity from your heart. Tell all three Persons of the Blessed Trinity you are sorry for exchanging the glory of the immortal God for any type of false gods.

Unhealthy Devotions Devoid of the Blessed Trinity

Unhealthy devotions would include anything that substitutes or takes the place of God within a person's life or heart. For example, if a person has a greater love for the Blessed Mother than for the Lord Jesus Christ, that would be considered an unhealthy devotion. If a man thinks he needs to pray a million Rosaries so that Mary will lead him to Jesus, that would be considered an unhealthy devotion. According to Luke 14:25–35, an authentic relationship with Jesus will cost you everything and there's only one way to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus, and that's directly. Jesus wants you to surrender your life into his service. He wants you to start asking questions about your life and listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance. It is through the process of discerning the Good Shepherd's voice that we can accomplish God's will for our lives.

A good example of an unhealthy devotion would be praying a New Age Rosary with demonic symbols. More information about Rosaries with demonic symbols stamped on the cross of Christ can be found in an article entitled New Age Rosaries. According to several exorcist priests who have studied these Rosaries, any object created for the purpose of evil cannot be cleansed by prayer but needs to be destroyed. If you have one of these New Age Rosaries in your home, you may want to present it to your parish priest for a proper examination and ask his advice regarding the best method of disposal.

Other unhealthy devotions involving the Rosary would include New Age versions where the words of the prayers have been modified to include the invocation of Mother Earth, Isis, the Queen of Heaven, Immaculata, or any other demonic entity whose name can be found on the New Age list of Ascended Masters.